April 2020 Newsletter

Managers Message

Bruce R. McIntyre, Director of Golf

I hope everyone is managing to stay healthy and safe during these uncertain times. I’m happy to report that at this time the Barnstable Golf staff is all doing well. We are grateful to the Town of Barnstable for their support during such a difficult period. We realize everyone is itching to get back out on the courses, and we want that too. We are currently developing multiple operating options to best serve our pass holders in the event we are allowed to open in early May.

Please remember, the golf courses are living, growing entities that require maintenance and upkeep regardless of whether anyone plays on them or not. We cannot simply walk away from the courses for a month or two and expect to still have operational facilities when we get the green light to reopen. While we are closed for play, rest assured the maintenance staff is working hard to keep your courses in good shape. That being said, we are still incurring expenses weekly at a time when the courses are closed. Here are a few things being completed by the course maintenance staff:

*Aerating Fairways & Tees

*Aerating & Topdressing Greens

*Continuing Bunker work

*Spring cleanup is almost completed at both facilities.

*Charging irrigation systems, testing all heads and communication hardware

*Mowing all turf areas as needed, the grass is starting to grow

*Communication is ongoing, feel free to call or email; we will get back to you.

Typically, in April we close each course for 3-4 days for maintenance. When we do reopen, all of this work will be completed and there won’t be a need to close down again.

We have heard from numerous pass holders who are concerned about the status of their annual pass and how the course closures will affect them. While we completely understand these concerns, we won’t be making any decisions about remedies until we know the total extent of the current course closures. As of this writing, 2020 Annual Passes have only been active for two weeks. On average, 48% of annual pass holders renew their passes between April 1, and June 30 each year. Please be patient, we want to be fair to everyone.

While we remain optimistic about the courses opening in early May, we understand things can change at a moment’s notice. We will do our best to keep you all informed. If we are able to open in May and you haven’t renewed you Annual Pass, you will need to do so. We highly recommend downloading the link below and renewing by mail. When we do reopen the golf courses for play, it is likely that the golf shops will still be closed as well as food and beverage outlets. The operations staff will have limited interaction with customers.

Applications for 2020 Annual Pass renewals can be found on the website; Barnstable.golf, or by using this link https://www.barnstable.golf/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/2020-Season-Application-1.pdf

Thank you for your continued loyalty and support, be well everyone!