Have you been looking for a new way to push your game forward? It can be frustrating to feel like you are in a holding period with your game. If you need a new way to improve your skills, look no further than the Impact Press training aid. This training aid is built to help improve the transition into the downswing, ultimately offering you a tour caliber impact position. 

So, how do you use it? First, you will need to line up the red indicator on the training aid with the center of your body. Then, point the green indicator at the target at impact. This training aid will force you to change how you move your body – including your hands and arms and release, so that you can experience tour caliber ball striking. 

The Impact Press will improve your ball flight, distance and ball striking, so it is the perfect way to get full control of your game. It has been recognized by the media as one of the best pieces of equipment and is endorsed by Golf Digest and Golf Magazine’s Top 50 and 100 golf instructor lists, Gary Gilchrist and Tim Cooke. 

Ready to improve your motion pattern? Click here to learn more about the Impact Press training aid, and get ready to get started.