If you are planning on playing a round of golf, it is important that you ensure that you carve out enough time to arrive to the course early to include a proper warm-up. Within this warm-up you can work on stretching out your muscles, staying relaxed as well as hitting some balls.

It is extremely important to make sure there is enough time to stretch, which warms up your muscles with basic movements to help prepare them for the round of golf. There are different types of stretches, including dynamic and static, which are both great to incorporate into your warm-up. Dynamic stretches help to get your heart rate up, increase your body temperature and keep your muscles flexible. Without giving your muscles the full range of motion that they need to be successful on the course, it can lead to injury. You should spend about 15-20 minutes stretching your muscles, including working on an exaggerated range of motion to stretch out your back completely. You should do a full swing about twenty-five times before you begin hitting golf balls.

Once you are stretched out, you should begin practicing hitting some balls. During this time, it is important that you do not tire yourself out – remember that this is just a warm-up! While you are hitting balls, focus on getting a feel for how your muscles are moving and how it feels to be in contact with the ball. After hitting the ball, pay attention to the speed of the ball as well as how it is rolling. This is a great time to think about your overall speed control for the duration of the game.

Lastly, it is important to use this warm-up time to pump yourself up and stay confident! Know your abilities and what you are capable of on the course. Get excited for a fun round of golf!

Photo credit to Golfible.com