Ask anyone who golfs regularly – golfing for a full-time job would feel like a dream for most people. Unfortunately, unless you make it big and become a professional golfer, it most likely will serve as one of your pastimes, hobbies, workouts or work meetings. For those that enjoy golfing on the side, the average day will be filled with taking care of the family or spending the day in the office. Regardless of what your daily routine looks like, everyone can relate to constantly being on the go, and not necessarily having the time they would like to put in to improving their golf game. Whether you just can’t make it to the course, or you are traveling, there are a lot of ways in which you can work to improve your game without using clubs or any equipment at all. Here are a few ways that you can practice while you are on the go: 

  • Shadow what a swing looks like. You can use any inanimate object to practice your swing – it does not need to be with a real golf club! Do you have a broom? If not, go outside and simply find a stick or branch. Put yourself in position, as you would on the course, and focus on your stance, grip and follow-through. Make sure that your shoulders are in place throughout the swing and that your arms stay straight. 
  • Do stretches and yoga. If you cannot make it to a yoga class, simply perform some stretches within your home or as you are traveling. You can watch video tutorials on how to properly stretch if you are not familiar but stretching out your muscles will greatly help you to improve your swing. The more flexible you are, the better your swing will become. 
  • Work on your grip. Grab a book or a magazine and put each of your hands on each side of the book. Make sure that your arms stay flat and that you have a proper grip on the book. Rotate your left arm over your right as you would to begin a golf swing, focusing on your grip as well as the position of your wrists. This is a great way to train your muscles in preparation for your game.