Every golf player can relate to having a bad round, or a bad game overall. While no one likes to feel as if they are failing, every success essentially comes from learning from past mistakes. It is important to reassure yourself that even if a game does not go exactly how you had planned, those types of games are what you will grow and learn from. Here are some ways that you can keep your head up during a tough round or a tough game, and how you can work to move forward and become the best player you can be:

  • Reassure yourself of positive experiences. Go into every round and game feeling confident and reassuring yourself of all the positive experiences that you have had on the course. By remembering all the success that you have had on the course, you will go into each round feeling like your best self. Confidence is key!
  • Take each shot one at a time. Do not overwhelm yourself by focusing on the whole game, but rather, focusing on each round and each shot one at a time. Stay present in the game, and instead of focusing on the score of the game, focus on your shot.
  • Keep a positive attitude. It may seem obvious, but often, people have a harder time keeping a positive attitude throughout the entirety of the game than you may think. The game of golf is truly all about your mental state. Talk yourself up throughout the game and use your mind to ensure that your game is flowing well. Think good thoughts and think good shots!
  • Work on breathing exercises. If you feel yourself getting worked up due to a bad round, teach yourself breathing exercises that will allow you to relax and move forward. Give yourself internal constructive criticism that will help you in the future, and do not dwell on a bad round or game.