We are getting closer and closer to spring, and you know what that means! We are just a few short months away from warmer, sunny days on the course! If this upcoming spring will be your first time on the course, we have a few tips and tricks that you should remember to help you play your best game. Check out the key things to remember as you are getting yourself up to speed: 

  • You aren’t going to start off perfect. First and foremost, you must remember that when you are beginning, your game is not going to be where you want it to be. In fact, you might even stink! Practice makes perfect, so remember to not be so hard on yourself. 
  • Stretching is key. Before you begin your game, it is important that you ensure you have enough time cut out to stretch your muscles to prepare. The more you stretch, the easier it will be for you to properly swing. And, the less likely you will be to injure yourself.
  • Don’t use expensive balls. You may want to invest in the best of the best equipment to start off your season. When it comes to balls, do not bother spending on quality balls, as you will likely lose many of them as you are starting out. Your shots will not all be accurate, so you are better off saving the quality balls for when your game improves.